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About Us

At TOO CUTE COLLECTION™, we provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our client’s satisfaction matters most! We sell High Quality Cosmetics, that are tailored to meet your needs through our standard shopping practices.

Meet The Founder

Ever since my childhood days, the world of cosmetics has held a mesmerizing allure for me. It's like a canvas of endless possibilities, each shade and texture whispering stories of transformation and self-expression. In the year 2022, a pivotal moment arrived – a moment that urged me to turn my lifelong fascination, my dream, into a tangible reality. With unwavering determination and a heart full of passion, I embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary, something that resonated with the very essence of my being.

This journey led me to the birth of my own brand. It's not just a brand; it's a manifestation of my deepest love for cosmetics, my unyielding commitment to quality, and my vision of sharing beauty in its most authentic form. As the founder and creator, I pour my soul into every product, carefully curating each formula, each shade, with an artist's precision and a dreamer's spirit.

But this venture is more than just makeup. It's an aspiration to build a legacy, to craft a brand that transcends beyond vanity and becomes a part of daily lives. My ultimate goal? To see my brand become a beloved household name, a symbol of trust and innovation that everyone – from the makeup enthusiast to the skincare devotee – can cherish and grow with.

So, here we are, standing at the threshold of limitless possibilities. It's a journey of exploration, creativity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, let's venture forth, fueled by passion, guided by vision, and supported by a community that shares the same ardor for beauty. As we embark on this exciting chapter, let's revel in the wonders we can create and the heights we can achieve. With every stroke of a brush, every dab of a formula, we'll paint a story that's uniquely ours. So, dear dreamers and beauty seekers, let's set forth on this adventure and discover just how far the horizon of our aspirations can stretch.

Tina Weathersby
CEO / Founder